BLE Home Products for Internet of Things (IoT).


Home Automation made easy using BLE Home internet of things devices.  Whether you want to monitor temperatures, set security alerts, or notifications BLE home automation products can work with your smartphone.  Our IoT products are affordable and you can be up in running in minutes.  We’re always releasing new Smart IoT products so check back frequently.  BLE Home cloud services will be available soon. 



While this product is intended to provide you with notification of an alarm event and/or command and control, it is not a substitute for a professionally monitor and remote control system. The device can only function properly if set-up as directed in the User Guide.  It requires one or more of the following: continuous or battery power, internet connection, a functioning wired/wireless network and router, and the use of a third party client web monitoring remote device.

Warning: This is not a life or a loss of property safety device guaranteed solution.